Lifestyle modification for back pain relief

There are many ways to prevent and reduce your incidence of back pain.  Weight loss is a straightforward concept to understand to reduce back pain.  As the force of the added weight is reduced on the spine, the joints and discs have less stress, thus less incidence of injury.

Smoking cessation is a good step in the right direction to reduce back pain and improved health in general.  Some evidence exists that chemicals found in the body from smoking will reduce the blood flow and impair the healing of degenerating discs and accelerate the degeneration.

-Joe DeLapa, MD

Low impact exercise

Low impact exercise such as using an elliptical is more appropriate for low back pain.  Other good options include walking on a treadmill with a good set of walking or running shoes.  In addition, using a recumbent bicycle, swimming and stretching are good options to stay active.  I recommend using low weight and high repetition for strength training. Here is an example of a popular Elliptical Machine

-Joe DeLapa, MD

Welcome to the Back Blog!

Welcome to the newly launched Back Blog!  Through these posts and tips, I hope to help people understand the common causes for back pain which affects near 70-80% of all people sometime throughout their lives.  I will discuss and educate on topics such as spine anatomy, causes of back pain, prevention techniques, and treatment options.  In addition, I will discuss healthy lifestyle modifications that can help improve or reduce the incidence of back pain.  Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more posts!

-Joe DeLapa, MD

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